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More Praise for the Book

“How: A Day in the Life of a Young Humanist” is a great resource for our children. Beautifully written and illustrated, it answers the question: What do humanists believe? The book touches on important secular concepts and helps children understand that we are all connected, that we can affect others both positively and negatively and that we can shape our lives with every choice we make.
—Deborah Mitchell, Author of Growing Up Godless: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Without Religion

“In this book aimed at grade-school children, a young humanist uses his understanding of evolution and the scientific method to arrive at a reason for “being good” — without invoking supernaturalism.”
—Matt Young, coauthor, Why Evolution Works (And Creationism Fails)

“Simple stories that convey big ideas are the perfect thing for raising thoughtful and good children. This book is a great example of that truth.”
—Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association

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